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  • Your Security when away from Home !!
  • Too Light to Forget, it is in your bag !!
  • Perfect Fineness!! Rotate to Hide
  • Versatile Handy Dandy
  • Responsive Extendable Kuel H10 for Phones
  • Do it with Dagi
    Sketching !!

Mag-Hug (Magnetic Clip Magnetic Band)

Mag-Hug is a Universal Magnetic Clip or Magnetic Band which recently drew attentions in Korea and Japan.

High Quality (Made in Korea)
Durable to hold even heavy objects.
Stylish design which can be used as decoration.
Good Design Award 2013.
Shipping from Singapore to any country.

Material: Magnet and Silicon
Contents: 1 set of 3 pieces in 3 colors

Available Colors:

15.00 SGD
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